Under Five magazine, Feb 2004

Using Stories to Teach Mathematics - an article explaining how to use stories to teach maths.

Under Five cover Under Five article

Child Education magazine, Dec 2003 to March 2004

A series of articles introducing the Numberline Lane books with lesson plans and worksheets.

Nextdoor Numbers - a lesson plan for Walter One's story.

Child Ed. Dec 2003 cover Child Ed. Dec 2003 article

Photo Finish - a lesson plan for Suzie Two's story.

Child Ed. Jan 2004 cover Child Ed. Jan 2004 article

Shape sort! - a lesson plan for Hebe Three's story.

Child Ed. Feb 2004 cover Child Ed. Feb 2004 article

Winter woollies - a lesson plan for Nora Four's story.

Child Ed. Mar 2004 cover Child Ed. Mar 2004 article Child Ed. Mar 2004 article

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