Child Education, March 2004

Winter Woollies

Nora Four needs help knitting the right number of gloves - count in twos with the characters from Numberline Lane

NNS objectives

Using the story of Nora Four (see opposite page), children can be introduced to the process of 'counting in twos'. This highlights odd and even numbers, as well as providing a sound basis for learning multiplication.

Whole-class starter

Count in ones forwards and backwards from zero to 20, whispering alternate (odd) numbers. Next, split the class into two groups. Count in ones, with each group counting alternate numbers in the sequence. Ask the children which group was counting the odd numbers and which group was counting the even numbers.

Main activity


Hang up some socks on a washing line. Ask the children how many socks there are and how many pairs that makes. How could you use the number line to show this? Demonstrate by finding the number of socks on the number line and working out how many jumps it is from zero to establish the number of pairs. Repeat with different numbers of socks on the line.

Web link

For differentiated worksheets and activities based on the Numberline Lane characters, visit

Frosty fingers

Nora Four woke up one morning to discover that it had been snowing all night. As she made herself a cup of tea, there was a knock at the door. It was Nick Six.

'My hands are s... so... c... cold, I can't play my g... guitar,' he said, shivering.

Nick Six went on to explain that he wasn't the only one suffering from the cold. 'Everyone has c... cold hands,' he said. 'Kevin Seven can't hold his hammer. Jenny Ten c... can't hold her paintbrush. What will we do?'

Nora Four had an idea. She offered to knit a pair of gloves for all the numbers on Numberline Lane. The only problem was, she couldn't work out how many gloves to knit. It was then that Gus Plus, the adding magician, appeared in a puff of smoke.

'I can help,' he said, waving his magic wand. You need to count in twos, and I'll show you how.'

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