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"This is my second set, I think they're fabulous, every school should have them!"

Rachel, Peterhead, March 2016

"I just want to say how pleased we have been with Numberline Lane. I have got a 5 yr old daughter Zoe, who has been struggling with her number recognition at school. I was complaining that there didn't seem to be a number equivalent of Letterland, something children could turn to if they were experiencing difficulty with other methods of learning. Then I found you on the internet and it is just what I was looking for!

The stories are fun. The pictures are colourful and we love the characters. Each book gives lots of opportunities for exploring number. Zoe can't wait to read the next book each night. She has really caught on to the characters and their names. She can tell me where they all live and loves to look out for the mean Linus Minus!"

Anna (and Zoe), Wokingham, July 2009

"Just wanted to say I love Numberline Lane and my son is only 4 months old! I`ll definately be buying the books when he`s old enough. Giving the numbers names of their own, homes, personalites etc makes it so much more interesting and fun. Fantastic stuff!"

Nikki Keat, April 2009

"I am a primary teacher teaching Primary one this year. This is the first time that I have used numberline Lane before and all the children absolutely love it.

I would like to say thank you very much for creating 'Numberline Lane', it is an engaging and exciting resource which has captivated many of my children into the joys of maths.

Ashleigh Lawrie, March 2009

"I have books 1-5, and have used your templates in my class room for the last year and a half. I have just started teaching the january intake of reception, and we are reading them, my children absolutely love them!

They have never come across minus or plus before, but two days into reading them (and only on suzie two!), they already understand that linus minus makes bad choices and takes things away, and gus plus makes good choices and puts things together!! So much fun! They know all the numberline lane numbers names, and they are really looking forward to reading Hebe Three tomorrow.

Clair Hexter, Derbyshire, January 2007

"I have purchased a set of the books and they have been a great hit with my children. I am an early childhood teacher in Australia however I am originally from the UK. I came accross your product in the scholastic journal that I subscribe to. My colleagues love the product also and often borrow for their classrooms."

Nicola McGovern, Queensland, Australis, October 2006

"Sebastian is doing really well with them,the characters help him remember what the numbers look like. Seb is 5 years old and should know his numbers by now, but he has real problems when he is not allowed to use his fingers to physically see the number of digits associated with each number."

K. Mawe, York, October 2006

"Also wanted to say what a great website you guys have, my daughter was adopted from Russia at 8 months old - now 5 and going into year 1, September. She has Sensory Integration Dysfunction and her concentration amongst other things is limited. When I found your site - she became so excited about the 'number people' it was amazing - like she finally got the numbers just by associating them to little people. We have a long road ahead but glad that I have found something she can relate to."

Jane Whitfield, Switzerland, July 2005

"My 6-year-old loves his Numberline Lane books, and as a PGCE student I can't wait to try them out with my new class!"

Sharon Burchett, West Sussex, October 2004

"I have just completed my final teaching practice in a Reception class and thought I would let you know how successful the Numberline Lane books have been. The children absolutely loved them and they certainly aided number recognition for those children who were struggling within this area."

Mrs Swords, Northants, March 2004

"I bought Books 1-5 at the Parham Craft Show and have found them to be thoroughly enjoyable and useful - really in-keeping with the National Numeracy Strategy. I am due to start a Primary PGCE (Maths Specialist) this September and hope to put them into good use during my Teaching Career!"

J. Dennis, West Sussex, August 2003

"I would like to say how wonderful the numberline lane books are. They are superbly written and the illustrations are fantastic. My niece constantly asks me to read them to her."

Tim Parsons, West Sussex, April 2003

"My four children, aged between three and eight, have all enjoyed the stories. They particularly like Linus Minus. The ideas sheets were very helpful - thank you!"

J. Walters, West Sussex, April 2003

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