The Books

Numberline Lane is a new set of books designed to help both teaching and learning of maths through stories. Each book covers objectives from the National Numeracy Strategy, and will come with a leaflet with practical ideas for developing the discussion as the story progresses.

Fiona has been teaching maths to KS1 for many years and was looking for a new way to approach her Numeracy lessons. She found that telling the children a story around a maths objective enabled them to understand the concept much more quickly. With plenty of opportunities during the story for number work it acted as part of the Mental/Oral Introduction and also led smoothly into the main teaching objective.

The stories evolved into a place called Numberline Lane, and Fiona's twin brother Nick brought the characters to life with colourful cartoons. She has used the stories for many lessons both in her own school and during demonstration lessons around West Sussex. The children have loved them and have responded very well to the subsequent activities.

The books are printed on high quality semi-glossy paper with glossy covers, designed to last well with repeated reading!

The Creators

Fiona, the author, has been a Leading Maths Teacher and Advanced Skills Teacher in West Sussex, specialising in Key Stage One. She still teaches part-time.

Nick, the illustrator, is a professional Jazz musician, teaching at University College Chichester. He also draws cartoons semi-professionally, and was happy to add some child-like fun to the books with his colourful illustrations.

Anthony, the publisher and website creator, is a freelance web site designer, specialising in standards-compliant and database-driven dynamic websites (www.fonant.com).

The Publishers

Numberline Lane books are published and distributed by Fonant, based in the UK. Our contact details are as follows:

E-mail: info@numberlinelane.co.uk

31 Greentrees Crescent
West Sussex
BN15 9SY

Tel. +44 1903 761162

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