Child Education, December 2003

Nextdoor numbers

Explore number patterns with a visit to Numberline Lane

NNS objectives

Using a story as a starting point for a numeracy lesson is an ideal way of enhancing children's motivation to learn. As well as providing a real context for exploring concepts, a story can also make it easier for children to remember an objective.

Whole-class starter

Throw a large dice or pick a number from 1-10 from a bag of number cards. Count on ten numbers forwards and back. Pick a second number and repeat. On a numberline, ask the children to point to the numbers as they are counting.

Main activity


Walter One has tried to complete some numberlines, but some of his numbers have fallen off and on other numberlines he has put two numbers in the wrong place. Draw these numberlines on the board, and ask the children to fill in the missing gaps and correct the mistakes.

Web link

Visit the Numberline Lane website at for further activities and worksheets.

Welcome to Numberline Lane

Numberline Lane is a lane with ten houses. A number lives in each house, from Walter One to Jenny Ten. The odd-numbered houses are on one side of the lane and the even-numbered houses are on the other. Walter One lives at the beginning of Numberline Lane. He is a shy character and very rarely leaves his own home. He has one teacup, one plate, one chair and lives in a house with one bedroom.

Walter was lonely and wanted to make new friends. One morning he decided that he was going to leave his house and walk up the lane, to see whose house he would find next. But Walter One was so scared of not knowing who he would meet that he immediately ran home before making any new friends.

In a puff of smoke, Gus Plus the adding magician appeared in front of Walter. Gus told Walter he was going to help and gave Walter One a numberline. The magician placed Walter's number at the beginning of the line and explained what he needed to do.

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