Child Education, January 2004

Photo Finish

The characters from Numberline Lane return for a sports day challenge - but who will be on the winners' rostrum?

NNS objectives

Ordinal numbers can be a very abstract concept for a child to learn. Using a simple story to teach this objective enables the children to place the vocabulary into real-life situations. It can then be developed further through role-play based on the story. allowing for kinaesthetic learning as well as catering for visual and auditory learners.

Whole-class starter

Main activity


Ask the children to follow a sequence of five simple instructions. For example: Rrst pat your head, second touch your nose, third stand on one leg. Then put the instructions out of ordinal order: Third touch your knees, first rub your tummy, second wave your hand. See how many instructions in and out of order the children can remember.

Web link

Go to the Numberllne Lane website ( for further activities and differentiated worksheets on ordinal numbers.

Meet sporty Suzie!

Suzie Two lives in the first house on the 'even side' of Numberline Lane. Suzie Two is the sporty number of the lane. She enjoys swimming in Hebe Three's swimming pool and playing football with Clive Five.

Suzie Two thinks that the other numbers along Numberline Lane need some exercise, so she decides to organise a sports day for them. The first event is a three-legged race, the second event is the long jump and the third event is an egg and spoon race. As each race finishes, Gus Plus (the adding magician) has the job of working out the winning order of the competitors.

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